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East Baton Rouge Schools: A District in Crisis

Admin . - Friday, May 31, 2013 | Comments (0)

Behind the Curtain. East Baton Rouge School System

Over the past several months Local Schools for Local Children has received numerous reports and videos from educators and administrators within East Baton Rouge schools and from concerned parents of alarming rates of violence in the schools. Local Schools for Local Children struggled with the decision of whether to release these videos or not. After continued pleas from educators and parents, we have decided that this is something that must be brought to light and addressed regardless of the outcome of the SEBR Community School District. 

We believe a smaller school system can more effectively identify the discipline issues and meet the needs of each student while providing a healthy environment to educate. The problem is not the students or teachers, but the fault of failed leadership from a school system that continues to deny the problem exists instead of addressing it. Local Schools for Local Children firmly believes that putting community back into schools and allowing locals to determine how their schools are run is the single best solution to the problems facing public education in this parish.    

Below are interviews with teachers from three different schools in East Baton Rouge Parish school system. Hear it directly from them.

East Baton Rouge Teacher Interview # 1 

East Baton Rouge Teacher Interview # 2 

East Baton Rouge Teacher Interview # 3